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The list of crimes in Oregon grows each year, and includes:

“I’ve been arrested and charged with a crime in Oregon. What do I do now?”

  • You’re first going to need to decide whether or not you’re going to hire a criminal defense lawyer or criminal attorney. Criminal defense is a dedicated area of law. Defending criminal cases is best left to legal professionals because criminal penalties and the consequences of a conviction for a crime are serious. Looking for general criminal defense information online makes sense and certainly can’t hurt. But when you want to start looking at your defenses, retain a criminal defense attorney.
  • Don’t delay. If you’ve been arrested or cited for a crime in Oregon, you may need to make some decisions quickly. You’re going to want an attorney at your arraignment, and before you enter a guilty or not guilty plea. Your lawyer is going to want to get a copy of the discovery in your case. Criminal discovery is all the police reports, notes, photographs, audio, and video. Your attorney is also going to want to get a plea offer and see if a plea bargain can be reached.
  • Don’t speak with anyone about the criminal charge. As mentioned before, the penalties and consequences for a criminal conviction in Oregon are serious. Anything you say about the case can and will be used against you. Speak only with your attorney about the case.

“How do I find the best criminal defense lawyer in Oregon or the best criminal attorney near me?”

  • You can do some research on the Internet, and read their reviews.
  • Call 2-3 local criminal defense attorneys to schedule a consultation. The Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (OCDLA) can provide you with some referrals.
  • During the initial consultation, ask the attorney about their experience and knowledge in criminal defense.
    Try to have your consultations in-person, if possible. While it is often more convenient to do a consultation by phone, much of communication is nonverbal. Therefore, you’ll get a better feel for the attorney by meeting them in-person.
  • Be prepared to spend $2,000 to $3,000 dollars on legal representation if you’ve been charged with an Oregon misdemeanor. If you’ve been charged with a felony in Oregon, it may be more expensive.

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